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Weakened after the final conflict, Zidane and Kuja find themselves trapped deep inside the dangerously unstable Iifa Tree. With teamwork as their only chance of escape, the two are forced to face their intertwined pasts, themselves and each other. But with their motives so far apart and contempt still ripe between them, can they really settle their differences long enough to escape the dying tree before it's too late? A Final Fantasy IX doujinshi, set after the final battle. Contains tastefully done BL, interwoven underneath an actual plot. --Dedicated to my Cookie, who hates romance. (You're welcome)--


Curtain Rise,Suggestions Wanted

Welcome to Iifa (it's nice to be able to officially say that).

I finally put up a description for the doujin. I'm not great at summarizing things, so I hope it doesn't sound too cheesy. The layout is just about done. I'll tweak a few headings and things. I might also fix the background... Does it look too bleak?

Also I'll be adding an 'About Page' and a glossary type thing shortly, mainly for the benefit of those who might not have played the game. I am attempting to write this in a relatively stand alone way, but I figure a little insight wouldn't go unappreciated. Plus it gives me an excuse to write character bios. Hooray~.

Are there any other sections I could add to this? Any suggestions at all?

Thank you to everyone who's taken a glance at this so far. I hope you'll stay around...!


posted by Vervain @ October 3rd, 2012, 8:52 pm  -  0 comments


Under Construction

Still making this layout, obviously. Please be patient with it. Should you happen upon this doujinshi, hello. It's going to be a BL. Scared off yet? Erm, not that it's going to be one of those typical BL comics where everyone is terribly OOC and in troo wuv then they screw for no apparent reason...

Nope. It's got a plot. Hopefully you'll stick around to read it.

This, for the record, is more of a casual art project for me than anything srs. I have two ongoing manga at the moment to handle, so this little doujin will be what I turn to when I feel like drawing something to wind down. That said, it doesn't mean I'll be half assing the thing. No~ I intend to use this to help me improve both art-wise and story telling...-wise. This is also an idea that I've been meaning to draw out for a while now. No time like the present, eh~?

In case you can't guess from the title, it mainly deals with Zidane and Kuja escaping from the Iifa tree.

That's all for now~, please be patient with me.


posted by Vervain @ September 28th, 2012, 9:38 am  -  0 comments


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