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Still making this layout, obviously. Please be patient with it. Should you happen upon this doujinshi, hello. It's going to be a BL. Scared off yet? Erm, not that it's going to be one of those typical BL comics where everyone is terribly OOC and in troo wuv then they screw for no apparent reason...

Nope. It's got a plot. Hopefully you'll stick around to read it.

This, for the record, is more of a casual art project for me than anything srs. I have two ongoing manga at the moment to handle, so this little doujin will be what I turn to when I feel like drawing something to wind down. That said, it doesn't mean I'll be half assing the thing. No~ I intend to use this to help me improve both art-wise and story telling...-wise. This is also an idea that I've been meaning to draw out for a while now. No time like the present, eh~?

In case you can't guess from the title, it mainly deals with Zidane and Kuja escaping from the Iifa tree.

That's all for now~, please be patient with me.


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