Curtain Rise,Suggestions Wanted

Welcome to Iifa (it's nice to be able to officially say that).

I finally put up a description for the doujin. I'm not great at summarizing things, so I hope it doesn't sound too cheesy. The layout is just about done. I'll tweak a few headings and things. I might also fix the background... Does it look too bleak?

Also I'll be adding an 'About Page' and a glossary type thing shortly, mainly for the benefit of those who might not have played the game. I am attempting to write this in a relatively stand alone way, but I figure a little insight wouldn't go unappreciated. Plus it gives me an excuse to write character bios. Hooray~.

Are there any other sections I could add to this? Any suggestions at all?

Thank you to everyone who's taken a glance at this so far. I hope you'll stay around...!


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